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Manti Ventures focuses on investments in innovative material sciences, social capital enterprises and energy transition. 


Manti Ventures founded Malibu IQ to partner scientists and engineers with experienced investors and entrepreneurs to commercialize technology in the fields of advanced software, materials, and next gen semiconductor technology. 


Malibu IQ is a private investment partnership consisting of Bravo Ventures, Manti Ventures, Pioneer MPW, TomorrowVentures, and Winn Interests. 

Our team consists of professionals with decades of operating and investment experienced gained from diverse backgrounds in industry, finance, research + development and advanced technology.

Working within a new innovation model, "Ideation," the Malibu IQ team accelerates the commercialization of leading advanced technologies to solve domain challenges in the energy, finance, cyber security, blockchain and semiconductor sectors. 


Manti Ventures LLC
Winn Exploration
Pioneer MPW, LLC
Bravo Ventures, LLC

Bravo Ventures, LLC

Bravo Ventures, LLC is an investment arm of the family interests of David and Frank Hanna, the principals of Hanna Capital, LLC.

Manti Ventures, LLC

Manti Ventures, LLC is an investment arm of Texas-based Manti Resources Inc.. Manti Resources is a privately held company in the oil and gas exploration and production sector. Lee Barberito, Founder, is best known for hiring great teams and harnessing robust and disruptive technology platforms for differentiated competitive advantage. The same philosophy and leadership has also enabled Manti to seed fund and grow several outstanding technology companies including Authentix, Cryopen, Decisio Health, Mission Microwave, Navitas Semiconductor, PeopleShores PBC, Spirit Drilling & Minerals, and Tenaxis ArterX.

Pioneer MPW, LLC

Pioneer MPW, LLC is an investment arm for several partners including Paul Candies, who has a long history and commitment in innovation for marine transportation; and Phillip M. Plant, an investment professional who is a partner in Herndon Plant Oakley Ltd. 

TomorrowVentures, LLC

TomorrowVentures, LLC is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on developing innovative ideas that have the power to change the way individuals live, interact, and thrive. Founded in 2009 with a unique approach to venture capital and an extensive, diverse base of experience and expertise, TomorrowVentures adds value far beyond capital. Their goal is to grow companies capable of transforming technology, lifestyle and philanthropy. TomorrowVentures is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. TomorrowVentures seeks opportunities with the following criteria: 

  • Proven management team with successful track record

  • Unique product or service offering with large market potential

  • Businesses where substantial value can be added

  • Opportunities that have technology as a key component to business model 

Winn Exploration

Winn Exploration is an oil and gas exploration company established in 1951 by legendary oilman, Charlie Winn. Winn Exploration has investments in the investment management, banking, real estate, security, medical research and development and nanotechnology fields. Winn's entrepreneurialism continues today through his sons C.A. (Charlie), Southern and Tom carrying on this shrewd, high-risk, high-return way of creating value. This privately held company is most proud of Winn's philanthropic work. 

About Us


The world's first and fastest GaN (Gallium Nitride) Power ICs enable power systems to run up to 100x faster than traditional silicon, while delivering 3x higher power density, 40% greater energy savings and 20% lower system costs. 

Live Oak Acquisition II (LOKB) is taking Navitas public in a $ 1+ Billion SPAC deal.

Navitas Semiconductor
Mission Microwave Technologies

Mission Microwave Technologies, Inc., developed Solid State Power Amplifier to support ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications. Utilizing the latest in semiconductor technology, Mission has optimized the size, weight, and power (SWaP) for these critical applications while delivering the best possible reliability. 

Acquired in a successful transaction with John Ocampo's GaAs Labs, LLC. Ocampo  served as chairman of MACOM since inception in 2009.

Manifold Technology, Inc. 

Manifold Technologies

Manifold Technology, Inc. successfully developed a high-speed blockchain transaction platform that provides precision data control and transparency for high-volume token environments and applications.

Manifold's platform has been successfully licensed in the global banking sector by tier one institutions. The intellectual property and blockchain code remains a Malibu IQ asset.


At Manti Ventures, we work with the brightest minds in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our approach and what we have to offer. 

2 Riverway Suite 1100

Houston, TX 77056

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